Our Approach

Long-term.  We are not flippers and have no "exit strategy" but only an "investment strategy."  We don't cut costs, we invest in growth. 

Low Leverage.  Debt can be a burden.  With modest debt and "patient capital," management can avoid over-focus on short-term profits.  

Business Sectors.  We think of ourselves as "sector agnostic" but lean toward businesses with an industrial connection.  Niche manufacturing and automotive, especially heavy trucks are of interest.

Tailored to fit you.  A sale transaction and leadership  transition may be some of the most important business events in your life.  We take it seriously and respectfully tailor it to your needs. 

Geography.  Dad said, "There is no fertilizer like the farmer's footsteps," so we want to be accessible to give support and oversight.  Think: east of the Rockies and  North of the Mason-Dixon Line. 

Company/Investment Size.  "Lower Middle Market."  Our target investment range is revenue of $4-$20M and EBITDA of $1M+ where we invest equity of $1-$7M. 

Children.   You've probably picked up on the theme.  As fathers and grandfathers of 16 and counting, we think that caring for the next generation is why we are here.   We support various charities with our "time, talent and treasure."  Links below to a couple which we hope you'll check out.  Darkness to Light,  www.D2L.org and Family Nurturing Center www.familynurture.or